All team members are also required to pay for USA insurance.  This is required in order to participate in practice, shows, and tournaments, including boat drivers, spotters/pinners, AV, etc.

Individuals 25 and older:  $80

Individuals under 25:  $50

Families (up to 6 people- head of house, spouse, and dependents under 17):  $175

visit for more information.

Join Grand City

We have members on our team from age 8 to 76.  Even if you've never waterskied before, we welcome you to Grand City!  Nothing excites us more than teaching new members how to ski.  We love helping others learn new tricks and try new things.  Anyone can learn to ski- and we'd love to show you! 

Interested in Grand City, but waterskiing isn't your thing?  That's ok- so much goes into a show!  We can always use extra help, from sound and announcing, to boat drivers and spotters/pinners, to designing and creating costumes, to set up and tear down from shows and practice, to taking video of our shows, there's truly something for everyone! 

Send us an email at and someone will get back to you ASAP.

USA Insurance

Team Dues

Individual Dues: $400/year

Dues for a couple: $500

Dues for additional family members: $75 per person

First year team members pay half rate! 

Please don't let the numbers scare you- we have lots of opportunities to raise your dues!  Each spring and fall we hold a fundraiser called Docks and Lifts, where we visit local lakes and help people remove their shore stations and docks.  It's our biggest fundraiser and most team members who help are able to pay their dues for the year. 

Are you interested in being part of our team?  We'd love to have you!